Generally, people consider the thicker product to be Pancakes and whenever it's thin it's a crepe. Pancakes exist in almost every culture and each has their own unique characters due do variations in the levels of eggs, flour, liquid and butter/oils.


Stokers' pancake recipe originated from Northern /Eastern Europe and is very close to the Swedish pancake recipe you see here in the charts. 





The Batter

The increased liquid content of the Swedish pancakes and the Stokers pancakes means the batter is much thinner than the Crêpes batter. Our batter also requires time to rest before use typically for 6 hours .

Our pancakes are made in a pan with a raised lip around the edge. This allows the thin batter to be sloshed around, evenly coating the pan surface without running over the edge.


Crêpes, on the other hand, are made on a Crêpe maker. The batter must be thick enough that it will not run over the edge. A T-shaped spreader is used to evenly coat the crêpe maker surface in a perfect disk shape.

Texture and Taste

Stokers pancakes are slightly thicker but are still very light and fluffy without the dry mouth feel. The pancakes also have a slightly stretchy character. The edges are intentionally cooked so it's slightly crispy.

Crepes, on the other hand, are crispier and paper thin. 



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