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You can now get all our delicious pancakes takeaway. Order to pick up or delivered.

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@Home Kits 

Take home Pancake Packs

Enjoy our pancakes at home when you want it

We've sealed the freshness of our pancakes in vacuum packs so that you can enjoy them at home at your convenience. For the times when you don't have the time to bring out all the ingredients and cleaning up the mess after or simply want a cheeky sweet reward at night. This will be a great addition to your fridge. Check out the range of flavours we have.


Fine Pancakes

Our pancakes recipe is similar to the ones found in  Nothern and Eastern Europe.

The pancake mixes are made and rested overnight to allow them to rise. The use of a leavening agent in our recipe is the main difference between the French crepe and our pancakes. Our pancakes are thin, all the while maintaining a light fluffy texture with a crispy edge, making it a satisfying experience. The pancakes are unsweetened to allow the flavour of all our house-made fillings to shine. This also allows them to be versatile and are used in a variety of dessert and savoury dishes.  


Our Story

Stokers began its story in the quiet North-Eastern suburb of Ivanhoe. It was set up in a converted old Victorian house with a layout resembling that of a family home. The front door opened up to a small family kitchen with aged appliances and a small bar. The dimly lit main dining room had a large red open fireplace as the centrepiece, accompanied by an upright piano, and heavy timber tables and bench seats. The Windows were covered with dark heavy curtains, which meant from the outside, it was hard to tell that the place was open except for the lightbox with "STOKERS" on it. For 37 years, this cosy little hidden gem served pancakes and drinks to the wee hours of the morning. This place had become a local institution not only known for great pancakes but also a place where people can relax and disconnect from the world and connect with people.

In 2014, Stokers expanded it's presence in Melbourne, opening a second location in South Melbourne. While preserving the homely and cosy characteristics and having a fireplace for winter, South Melbourne has a more vibrant concept with expanded menu offerings. Now serving breakfast all the way to midnight, offering an extensive and yet unique range of savoury and dessert pancakes. Some notable unique dishes includes the pancake chips, honey and almond frangipane pancakes, Cuban pulled pork pancakes, and pancake omelette. Now in its 7th year in South Melbourne, Stokers had become a local favourite spot for weekend brunches, and late-night hang out and casual date night spot.

Sadly, due to major land redevelopment in Ivanhoe, the original store had shut its doors in 2015.  Stokers will continue to be passionate about serving the best pancakes and creating wonderful lasting memories for everyone that comes through.

Stokers Fine Pancakes |  231 Clarendon St Sth Melb | Tel 9682 8403