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Serving finest pancakes in Melbourne

since 1977

A Pancake specialty restaurant located in South Melbourne, Stokers Fine Pancakes is the home of our famous specialty, the palatschinke. A crepe-like pancake with central and Eastern European origins. Serving both savoury and sweet options that are popular with locals for breakfast or late night desserts catchups.

Absolutely delicious pancakes made with pride and heart. Stumbled upon this small spot on a night’s stroll and just took a chance. The fruits were very fresh, served on a warm and soft pancake with whipped cream and berry compote. The price was very reasonable too. The hot chocolate just rounded up a great experience on a cool night. Definitely recommended and will visit again.

Akash Devasar: Ratings 5 Stars

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About Us

Our Story

Stokers: A Legacy of Distinctive Dining

Our journey began in the peaceful suburb of Ivanhoe, nestled in the city's Northeastern corner. Housed in a beautifully converted Victorian residence, Stokers exuded the warmth of a bygone era. The entrance led to a cozy family kitchen, featuring vintage appliances and a modest bar. In the softly lit main dining area, guests were welcomed by a grand red fireplace, the heart of our establishment. An upright piano, sturdy wooden tables, and bench seats completed the rustic setting. Heavy curtains draped the windows, adding an air of mystery to the exterior, where only a modest "STOKERS" sign softly announced our presence.

For 37 years, our hidden gem delighted patrons with creations that stood out for their exquisite textures, flavors, and elegant presentation. In contrast to the trend of overloaded pancakes, we took pride in crafting dishes that celebrated simplicity and culinary artistry. Each bite was carefully composed, inviting diners to savor the finer nuances of taste and texture. Stokers was more than just a restaurant; it was a cherished local institution where people could escape the world's chaos and connect over thoughtfully crafted meals.

In 2014, Stokers embarked on an exciting journey, opening a second location in South Melbourne. While preserving the cozy ambiance and the warmth of a hearth for chilly evenings, South Melbourne brought a fresh vitality to the concept, expanding our menu offerings. We continued to celebrate the art of flavor, texture, and presentation. Today, as we mark our 10th year in South Melbourne, Stokers has become a beloved local destination for weekend brunches, late-night get-togethers, and relaxed date nights.

Regrettably, in 2015, the original Ivanhoe location had to close its doors due to significant redevelopment. Nevertheless, the spirit of Stokers endures. Our commitment to crafting distinctive dining experiences remains steadfast, a testament to the enduring magic of our establishment.


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Opening Hours

Night Sessions: 

Tuesday - Sunday: 6pm - 12:00am

Day Sessions:

Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 3pm

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